Money Game: When Banks Go Bankrupt…

For sure banks going bankrupt are happening in various areas. As a kid I heard of a rural bank that closed down due to bankruptcy. How could a bank go bankrupt right? Only reasons I could think of would be if the managers don’t know how to handle money or someone pocketed the money in such a way that he/she/they got away with it.

Too bad if someone had more than the insured amount in there, oh that would really be terrible indeed. What if you can only get less than the insured amount? That’s where the story begins. Perhaps that is what the character Lee Hye Joon’s father had experienced.

The Founder: McDonald’s Isn’t What You Think It Is

I didn’t expect to be surprised by The Founder. You know how I watch movies. I either don’t read anything about it beforehand or watch the trailer first. So the former happened with The Founder and voila! What a story.