Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah Ze Moveeh: Nakakaaliw ‘to Bakla!

May mga nagsabi na maganda rin naman ang sineng ito. Duda ako nung una siyempre kasi nako utak kolonyal alam mo na. Pero siyempre di naman sisikat ang isang bagay kung walang mga taong nagkagusto sa pagkakagawa atbp., di ba? O di pinanood ko pa rin kasi nga maraming pumupuri sa komiks na Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah at nagkaroon pa ng theater musical kaya bakit di ko nga panoorin at nang malaman ko na kung totoo ba sinasabi nila.

Deception is the Name of the Game

Watching The Invention of Lying makes us think of a different world. Ever thought how wonderful life would be if everyone would be honest with each other? Or do you prefer to hear lies so you won’t get hurt? Or, how do we become successful in life? Is it from deceiving other people? Then we are no better than the corrupt politicians we criticize for bad leadership and stealing our tax money.

‘A Whisker Away’ Will Make You Cry If…

Do you know what it feels like to come from a broken family? Have you experienced the pain of being unhappy even as a little kid? Have you ever felt betrayed at such a young age when you don’t even know what betrayal means? If yes, then please don’t watch the anime movie A Whisker Away unless you want to tear your heart out.

1898 Los Ultimos de Filipinas: The Spanish Film of The Siege of Baler

I have never heard of The Siege of Baler until I watched 1898 Los Ultimos de Filipinas (a.k.a. 1898, Our Last Men in the Philippines). It’s sad when we don’t know parts of what happened in our (Philippine) history so I’m very happy to find this Spanish movie. Now I know something like it happened before and after Spain sold the Philippines to the United States of America.