About the Writer

Ah what’s there to write… Lol.

☻  Short intro / TL;DR  ☻

  • I’m a freelance artist/graphic designer, blogger/writer and online seller. Social media accounts far below.
  • Interests: Art, anime, KDrama, movies/TV shows, fantasy and sci-fi, esoterics, metaphysics, self-help, philosophy/psychology, selling & earning money, internet.

☻  Longer Bio  ☻


  • A Bachelor of Fine Arts maj. in Advertising graduate from PWU, Taft Avenue, Manila. I’ve also been a 1st year B.S. Architecture student plus did one semester of something like Computer Science from other universities.
  • As a member of my high school and college school papers, I wrote several articles and reviews as well. I did some some short stories (and poems?) published in a few of the PWU official student literary publication too.

The Writer Life

  • I enjoy researching, writing essays, reviews, various articles, blogs since I can remember but haven’t gotten around to finishing any movie/TV scripts yet.
  • One self-help booklet and several fantasy books/stories in the works since I-don’t-know-when. Lol.
  • Most of my fictional stories remain unfinished, even the random comics I used to do in high school.
  • Used to love reading books, now does most of my reading online. Tsundoku anyone?

Work / Side Gigs as of 2019

  • Worked as a visualizer/final artist for an ad agency for more than a year. Got employed as a graphic artist/designer for other companies in a span of three years.
  • Eventually decided to go freelance and do online selling of various products including my art on shirts, calendars, wallets, etc. Sometimes I join bazaars to sell my art products/services.
  • Worked in the BPO industry for 7 years, assisting customers in finance, retail and medical accounts.
  • In 2015, I attended some acting seminars just to try it out. Was an extra in a few local TV shows for a while. Also been in two commercials for one product in early 2018.
  • In 2016, I joined the most bazaars as a freelance artist, got hired to do a commercial mural project and also became a quick face caricature artist for an event.
  • In the same year I got a license as an insurance agent. Did a short stint of it but I’m not practicing or using it anymore.
  • In 2018, I started accepting article writing commissions. I’ve written various articles for several online clients.
  • Currently I still do art/article writing commissions and sell stuff online. I’m also a licensed real estate agent. Been in the industry for a total of almost 2 years. ^_^
  • Don’t add up all the years because I do one or two while doing the other. I once had two jobs at the same time! Oh never again. Haha.

Why write all this? Because I want you to know why I write my reviews the way I write them. Hehe.

♦  Who am I?  ♦

What’s in a name anyway? Since highschool, I used to use only one word as username in my online accounts. No I’m not mentioning it here. Hehe. But of course over the years I’ve used various usernames since I created my very first email address.

In 2016, I decided to create my art persona: Art x Stephanie Rue. Stephanie comes from my second name and Rue is a sort of Japanese twist on my first name nickname.

That same year I started using ArtGirl on this site then used artgirl for this site the next year. Both are writing/earning site. The username is so generic that you can find other artgirl’s in the world. Lol. Haven’t made one for my real estate agent online persona though. Can’t decide on a good one. I’ll just keep posting stuff using what I’m using for the meantime.

In 2018, I’ve already decided on my personal brand but I haven’t decided on posting/using it online yet.

For now, just call me Stephanie Rue and see you in my posts here, in my other blog and other social media accounts.

$$   Writer Related Business Inquiries   $$

Hey there. For anything related to writing or whatever’s in this blog, send me an email and let’s see if we can work together. I accept PayPal payments. For local transactions, accepted modes of payment are: BPI/BDO bank transfers/deposits, Palawan Express, GCash or Coins.PH.

Please credit and link to this blog of mine if you’re going to copy or quote anything I’ve written on here. All rights are reserved to PalabasInDaPast.



I am a Filipino living in Quezon City, NCR, Philippines. If you’re looking for assistance in acquiring condo units, townhouses or lots for own use or investment in Metro Manila, allow me to assist you. Set an appointment and we can meet up, just let me know. 🙂

Details in my Property social media accounts:
Blog | Facebook Page | TwitterInstagram

ART / DESIGN Inquiries

I do pen art/doodles, custom temp tatts of 100 pcs or more, anime/cartoon face caricatures, murals/wall art or below the line ads like posters, flyers, banners, etc. Sometimes I join bazaars too.

For a FREE price quote on any art project you need done and other art related updates and inquiries, please visit the links below and contact me there.

Art social media accounts:
Instagram: @art.stephanie.rueFacebook: Art x Stephanie Rue Twitter: @Ms_StephanieRue

♥     What else is here?     ♥

Palabas In Da Past accepts third-party advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation. Feel free to contact me for such and I hope you’ll like what you read if you see any. 🙂

Expect some related referral/affiliate links, product links and other ads or ad links in my posts or anywhere in here too. A girl’s got to eat so if you find anything you need and want, click and make the purchase. I’ll earn a small percentage from it at no additional cost to you. ^_^

Or feel free to treat me to something nice.
PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

Thank you and have a great day!


Stephanie Rue

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