The Forgotten: Aliens or the Supernatural?

Want some more movie reviews? I’ve got another film review just for you! I enjoy the extraterrestrial genre too so I’d like to share what I think about them with you.

Read on and see if you’d like this fantastic film from 2004. If you’ve already seen it, let me know in the comments about what you like and don’t like about The Forgotten!

A movie wouldn’t be a thriller if it doesn’t have any aliens, mystery surrounding the workings of the human mind and the presence of love conquering all the odds now would it? On Wikipedia, this is categorized as a psychological horror thriller. Well now, I didn’t think it’s that horrific but given my reaction to the movie it turns out to be accurate. Lol.

This Joseph Ruben thriller is a different take on the concept of alien abduction and extraterrestrials. I never thought it would somehow involve aliens in the movie but it does and it has. It came as a shock to me back when I saw it. I mean, how could they show this kind of film? What is their purpose? Are they somehow telling us that there is a possibility that these things can or does happen?

Sci fi image with flying saucer and two kids

According to Gerald DiPego, the screenwriter, this story was a result of a dream he had which involved a family picture of a mother, a father and a young son where “…the son’s image began to fade,” then the other figures slowly disappeared too.

Let’s watch the trailer:

The film is actually about a mother, Telly Parretta (Julianne Moore), who never forgets she had a son. Her husband, psychiatrist, neighbors, and even friends believe she is sick or delusional because their memory was somehow tampered with to erase all memory of her ever having a son.

However, the bond between a mother and child is strong that Telly can never ever forget she has a child. This is the message this film projects to the audience.

As expected, this was one of the best thriller films I’ve seen in 2004. It is disturbing however when you think of the possibility of the things tackled in The Forgotten. You might say my overactive /imaginative mind took over me after I watched this because the story made me think. I mean, how dare they make a film by using UFO elements? It somehow scared me that this film may have a sense of truth. If it hadn’t been for the movie’s website back then, my mind wouldn’t get relieved to find out this was just a figment of someone’s imagination and dream.

At the time, I couldn’t believe someone could come up with this kind of story. Let’s just say, the special effects and the actors made this very convincing. Each music also aptly fits the scenes. If it were treated differently, it may not have been worth watching at all. Even the overall feel and setting of the movie contributed to the emotions they wanted the viewers to grasp.

Alien and man image

The Forgotten uses shaky shots (shaking or unsteady-like scenes), which are quite unnoticeable when you’re steady and just sitting down. It might not be important to some people but it does contribute how it shows the feeling of being lost or having an “unstable” state of mind.

Ah heck, you don’t want me getting into technicalities and such so let’s just say this is a gem and really worth watching. The ending is not that disappointing unlike one movie I saw which had a tragic and hopeless ending. Truly, a movie that ends badly and somehow has no happy ending sucks. Obviously this is not one of those done in bad taste. It’s not a big budgeted film but still it turned out great.

As with all films, it does have its flaws. Take the case of using wallpaper for covering up evidence of having had a child. I mean, they’re aliens right? Or are they? But perhaps they wanted to establish doubt in the involvement of aliens in that situation (?).

Another thing I found preposterous was Telly running after her son, a lot. I mean, somewhere in there it was said that “humans are treated much like laboratory rats,” but they didn’t need to show her running after her son like some brainless rodent in a lab experiment. Most humans are not stupid like animals. That’s what makes us different from other living creatures – we can think for ourselves. Yes you can justify this situation as the mother being anxious blah blah blah but I still think this part wasn’t given much thought on.

Anyway there are people who may not see this as a great film because the story lacks depth, but it does have depth. It is not a normal film; it is like a supernatural film where the normal things in life are missing. There are many impossibilities that arise as the story progresses. It may seem illogical to some but that is the aim of The Forgotten, that there are more things we don’t know that exists out there. I may sound X-Files-ish but that is what the story somehow projects to me.

Even if you are not a parent and you want to watch something that makes you think, then better watch this if you haven’t yet.

As for the rating, from a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, I give this an 8.

Have anything to share? Feel free to comment below. 🙂

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