A Simple Film Review of I Am Legend

Here’s a 2007 post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie review for you to read. ***Spoiler alert .***  

It stars Will Smith as the main character of the story. He plays Robert Neville, a US Army virologist.

I Am Legend movie poster
(Image via Wikipedia)

The Story:

First, let’s watch the trailer.

I Am Legend is a fictional story of a man who have not lost hope on undoing what mankind had done:  Accidentally turning humans into undead monsters or vampire-like creatures called Darkseekers. These eat humans and other living beings due to a certain mutation of re-engineered virus in their system which was hoped to be the cure to cancer.

“The Legend” is a man who never stopped believing he could cure the disease of these monsters and that there are actually other people outside New York City besides him. He also never stopped believing he could actually heal these monsters and make them normal and human again.

I Am Legend scene
(Photo credit via IMDb)

One fateful day Robert finally stopped believing; he wanted to die and went off on a suicide mission to exterminate all those monsters and just die in the process. However, on that day, someone saved him from the monsters.

The following day the same someone said God has not forgotten mankind, and thus it eventually led him to finally create a cure to the monstrous and deadly virus. And it also, sadly, led to his demise. But it wasn’t for nothing. “Legend” created a cure and died protecting the precious vial of blood that could once again rebuild humanity and the world.

And thus, in the imagined year 2012, mankind was saved again.

The Review:

I Am Legend‘s story is obviously not one of those spectacularly awe-inspiring Hollywood movies meant to just show off impressive graphics. It’s more about human nature – that someone will always be willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of all mankind.

The film’s message is that these sudden bursts of heroism usually arise out of a great need, but when there is no need, there may be no hero.

Robert Neville and dog in I Am Legend
(Photo credit via IMDb)

Why do you think individuals willing to sacrifice their lives only come out to save humanity or other people at the last minute? It is because we are always clouded by our judgments and selfishness. There will always be those who want comfort for themselves and trample other people just to achieve it. We humans only want comfort and would never want to sacrifice it just to do humanity good.

Humans are stubborn creatures, we only see our faults and sins when it is nearly too late. I hope this selfishness and self-preservation will not make us truly ruin our world and the future before it is too late.

When it comes to the set design, everything looks like how a post-apocalyptic place should look like. Everything is breaking down or damaged. Actually the set is not perfect but you won’t notice the “mistakes” that much if you’re too engrossed in the story. Everything looks unkempt and wild after the virus wiped out most of humanity in the film. Even if some people might not agree to certain aspects of it as compared to if it could happened in reality, it still looks good enough for me.

I Am Legend Will Smith
(Photo credit via IMDb)

Will Smith won a Best Actor Saturn award for this movie too so I guess his acting was really good. 

It’s a film that makes you think what you would do in his situation. Also it gives people hope that for every wrong that we do, someone can find a way to correct it and make it right again.


If you’re into post-apocalytic and zombie/monster movies then watch I Am Legend if you haven’t yet. You won’t have any regrets because it has enough monster scenes until the end. 

I recommend this film to serve as a reminder to everyone that we should start doing something good for humanity and the world before it’s too late. Let us at least try and put aside our comfort and doubts even for just a few moments a day to unselfishly give back to others. There will always be something good that happens when you do a little act of kindness and compassion. Even the simple action of not throwing candy wrappers in the street is a big enough help to save the world from pollution. Reducing plastic use is another habit we need to curb everyday.

Even if some people may rob you blind sometimes and hurt you when you try to help them, just remember that you are doing this to help other people who are incapable of thinking of and accepting their possible fates. There are people who are also incapable of accepting where they have fallen and there are those who have just given up hope on themselves and steal other people’s light because they have been in the dark far too long.

Will Smith and dog in bath tub
(Image Screencap credit via landofwhimsy)

There will always be light when there is darkness. Watch this movie and be inspired to share the light to those in the dark. Let each of us be inspired to bring hope to the darkness inside other people. Let us help and guide others towards the light to save our future.

As for the rating, if it’s from 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, I give this movie a 7.

Additional notes:

There is an alternate ending to I Am Legend, one where Will Smith’s character does not die. Watch the video below on how they made it.

There are also tie-in comics and a multiplayer game in the online virtual world of Second Life. The latter I am not sure if still available to play.

Anyway, did you like my review? Seen the movie? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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