Enchanted: A Modern Disney Fairy Tale Movie

Oh it’s time for a Disney movie! Have you seen this yet? If not then prepare for some spoilers below. ^_^

Enchanted movie poster
(Photo credit via eBay)

Did you ever wonder what would happen if a fairy tale character suddenly found themselves in our world? Most people imagine themselves going to the world of fairy tales and not the other way around. Such is the premise of this 2007 fantasy movie called Enchanted

Let’s watch the trailer, shall we? 🙂

Enchanted is a heart-warming story of a Disney “princess” finding true love in a most unlikely place – New York City. New York is a busy town where people don’t notice other people that much anymore… Each is filled with cynicism as they go about their daily lives to earn a living. Imagine what it would be like if you were a lost, pure-hearted and hopeful Disney princess-to-be suddenly thrust in the real world.

I had thought this film would be much of a kiddie movie but it’s not, it’s actually for all ages. It’s a real-life fairy tale! For the cynics, it makes you want to believe in miracles again. For the broken-hearted, it makes you want to believe there might be someone else altogether that was made for you. Like there must be someone else out there, other than the one you thought was your true love, who’s your twin soul and that you haven’t met him/her yet.

It’s a fun-filled movie with animation, musicals, magic, and action! The music and songs are very beautiful and catchy plus all the dance sequence are fantastic! It makes one want to sing and dance too.

There are some parts that I found corny but what can I expect from a Disney cartoon character who became human? Of course, she’s bound to be quite funny in a way. Amy Adams is so believable as a cartoon character who became human.

The computer graphics animation was also fascinating. The best part of it is the flame that appears whenever Narissa, the evil Queen, transforms. It’s really amazing!

Queen Narissa
(Photo credit via evilbabes.wikia.net)

The only thing that wasn’t really believable was Narissa’s dragon form… it didn’t look much like a real dragon would look like in our world. It looked too cartoonish and a bit cute, but then maybe that was their intent, because hey you know, it’s Disney.

The costumes by Mona May all looked fantastic as well, they were able to translate the cartoon version into real life costumes. It’s probably like doing cosplay for the actors.

Check out the wedding dress of Giselle, Amy Adam’s character.

Enchanted movie wedding dress by Mona May
(Photo credit: Shoshanah via Wikipedia)

All in all, on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best and most excellent, I’d give the movie a rating of 9.

I highly recommend it to people who want to believe in love again and to people who want to see what happens when imagination crosses over to reality.

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Originally posted on Bitlanders.

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