6 Things A Non-Fan Should Know About Game of Thrones

Never bothered to watch or know more about the Game of Thrones (GoT) TV Series? Well then, here are the basic things you’d need to know about the popular show.


6 The HBO series is based on a fantasy novel book series called A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin; it is set in medieval times in a different world (The Known World) where dragons and dead zombie-like men exist.

Who knew that mixing fire-breathing dragons and dead men walking set in their own Middle Ages fantasy world would be GoT in all it’s glory? It’s definitely not an HBO horror show even if it has zombies called White Walkers and a few dark or mythical creatures in it. It’s not really a world of magic either where wizards or magicians abound but they do have some kind of religious fanaticism and mysticism going on. Basically it’s more about politics and religion and the nature of people in power and what they do with it.

If you’ve never heard or even read the books then it’s either you’re going to love the show or hate it depending on your cultural upbringing. Why? Because people in medieval times can be considered barbaric and brutal as compared to our more peaceful and civilized times so expect some cringe-worthy scenes every season.

5 Conservatives beware: Taboo topics will constantly be thrown in your face.


Here’s a “warning list” to check before watching any episode.

  • Incest
  • Nudity & prostitution
  • Sex or rape scenes
  • Gay sex or kissing scenes
  • Cannibalism
  • Religious fanaticism
  • Abuse, Murder & Graphic violence
  • Vulgar or profane language

If you are okay with seeing the above things on TV or on a computer screen then you should be fine after one episode. Of course not every episode contains all of the above; maybe just two or more per show.

Others might not be too bothered about seeing any of those in the list but it is definitely not for conservative people. In fact, conservatives warn about the above issues being in the show (1). So if by chance your curiosity outweighs the lack of conventional moral values in Game of Thrones then you just might become a fan one day.

4 The Known World is a world where highborn bastards have their own last name, which would depend on where they are born in.


Okay so there are Northerners and Southerners and people in between in the continent of Westeros but who is Jon Snow? He is the bastard of an honorable man named Eddard “Ned” Stark, Lord of Winterfell. And since Ned was from a region in the north, Jon’s last name is Snow and not Stark.

Now if you were an unacknowledged bastard and are lowborn, that would be a different matter. Common folk bastards, even with highborn blood, do not get a last name. A perfect example would be Gendry, King Robert Baratheon’s son. Since the King was from a region south of Westeros, if Gendry was to get a last name it’d be Waters.

So how would one get legitimized in this fantasy world then? Well Ramsay Snow, son of a Lord in the North, got legitimized by royal decree after retaking a moat for his father. How’s that for legitimization (2) eh?

3 Good and honorable people die first; tragedies abound.


If you prefer stories with protagonists or heroes not dying first then you probably should watch another show. Watching good people die because of the evil qualities of men is depressing and might raise your ire as a lot of injustices abound in the show. It wouldn’t be Game of Thrones if someone didn’t die every episode at the very least. But hey who’s to blame the characters when they live in medieval times, right?

Barbaric activities might have been something people back then really do but it makes one think if maybe we are just unaware of the same situations happening these days to other people somewhere we don’t know. Whatever the case, the show can leave a bad taste in your mouth if you hate seeing the vilest human qualities prevailing over the goodness of men.

2 Long seasons are the norm and great evil comes with the cold season, hence the phrase “Winter is coming.”

Well aside from the above saying being the Stark family motto (yes, GoT royal families have mottoes), it also means the snow season brings about the White Walkers who come and kill people to make more of themselves. At least that’s the impression one gets when you watch the show.


Why are they scary and how do they do it? No one gets infected by any zombie virus but you get raised from the dead by some kind of magic and get icy blue eyes unless someone else burns your dead body. Oh and did I say they cannot be terminated except when using certain rare weapons? Yeah they better find more of those to win over a massive army of them.

In their world, summers and winters can last for several years, a decade or even a generation, thus people always have to be prepared for the legendary evil invasion as soon as the temperature drops. They certainly have no devils showing up anywhere and heaven or hell does not seem to exist but dragons and White Walkers do.

1 It’s overrated.

If we compare it to The Lord of the Rings trilogy, it’s only similarity would probably be being a story set in a magical fantasy medieval world.

To non-fans of the series, GoT is primarily known for its nudity and sex scenes. After one watches an episode, one might not see why the series is popular aside from it having dragons and being controversial. You don’t even get to see any dragons until the end of season 1!


But apart from all the taboo in the story line, after watching all the episodes, one can definitely see other elements in it that can be appreciated. There’s the pretty boys and girls, the beautiful set and costumes plus the interesting culture of a fantasy world.

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All images from Pixabay.

Originally written on Steemit / Hive.

There you have it. The top 6 for me. What do you think? Do you have your own? 😀 Feel free to leave a comment.

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