The Place for PalabasInDaPast Reviews

Hello and welcome to my entertainment review site.

What is PalabasInDaPast?

  • Palabas = Show (in Filipino)
  • Palabas in Da Past = Past Shows (literally Shows in the Past)

This site is the repository of the general film reviews I did in college, which I improved on several years afterwards. It will also hold all the other ones I’ve written for a variety of movies originally posted on other sites I’m on.

Here I will also post any of my next reviews. All will be about past movies, TV shows, Korean Dramas and other shows I’ve seen. There will be the occasional new shows/movies but mostly it will all be about those from the near or distant past. Of course it’s more of Hollywood movies than anything else. I might include past local movies, events, other reviews and random stuff as well.

I can’t promise to upload content everyday but at the very least it may even take once a month. It really depends on how busy I will be in other things. Follow my blog or get notified via email so you don’t miss anything. ☺

Blog Sections:

  • Movies: You’ll find the most reviews here.
  • TV Pa More = More more TV: Where you can read my TV Show reviews and commentary either by season or just an entire series.
  • Wazz New?: Will be where I post my thoughts on any latest entertainment buzz.
  • Palabok Muna = Palabok for the Meantime: Random stuff. Might be some game/music related thing, a rant, event review or whatever.


Affiliate / referral links and ads to recommended products will be sprinkled all around the site and in my posts too. This will allow me to receive a small monetary percentage from anything you join and/or purchase through the links/ads I shared. Feel free to click on them at no extra cost to you. 🙂

All content here are 100% written by me, a.k.a. Stephanie Rue, unless specified and/or in a quote. Any similarity to other published articles not indicated in the blog post is purely coincidental (unless that person plagiarized me). I will also link to any relevant article/s outside this blog and use free images from Pixabay or use my own images to further add value to the site content.

If you copy my images or quote anything in my articles please be sure to mention and link to this site as your source. Thank you.

If you enjoy and like what you read, feel free to treat me to something nice too. ^_^

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